COVID-19 in the history books

I keep thinking about what kids generations from now (if humanity survives that long) are going to learn about 2020. Because, we have so many highly-specific-to-Covid-19 trends, music, videos, etc, that anyone who didn't know about covid-19 might be very confused about learning. But in school you learn the whitewashed version of the story, so … Continue reading COVID-19 in the history books

How to Hold Everything Together (Badly)

We're probably all aware at this point, but here's a brief surrounding summary of the state of my country to set the scene: COVID-19 pandemic.Trump somehow still in power.U.S. Post Office getting fucked overThe world pretty much agrees the U.S. is a hot mess.Summertime = things afire = smoke pollution.Environment is fucked.Most people are broke … Continue reading How to Hold Everything Together (Badly)