Migraine thoughts – for your entertainment

I think I’m hilarious when I have a migraine, so I guess I’ll see if you agree with me. Please laugh with me, folks. PLEASE.

Migraine thoughts are kind of like drunk thoughts, and I seem to recall drunk texts to be an entire website of hilarity awhile back…

8/19/2020: I’m in the eye of the migraine storm – which is to say that the migraine isn’t gone, and instead of letting myself have a false sense of security, I’ve gone in an ever-present anxiety state of mind.

8/19/2020: migraine day 2, because sometimes migraines really need to show their commitment to excellence. Not my excellence. Just theirs.

8/18/2020: why is light made of light? Who thought that was a good idea?

8/18/2020: sometimes I say “shh don’t wake the baby” when someone tries to talk to me while I’m sound-sensitive. It’s real confusing for them, and makes me have to explain even more that I would have if I’d said “shh migraine”. But, this is the way I live my life.

8/18/2020: migraines start out like creepy used car salesmen. You’re trying to avoid them, but you see them coming, and you know it’s inevitable, but you still think you can escape.

8/18/2020: starting this section of my blog since these thoughts don’t quit qualify as entire blog. posts. Woo!