Hindsight is 2020

Hahaha trololol punny title. Yeah well I stole the pun and I'm already sick of it. We made it to 2021! We did it! But why do I have depression all of a sudden? Well... 2020 was a nightmare. A seemingly-never-ending nightmare. An unexpectedly-somehow-worse-than-previous-years-with-trump nightmare. And maybe this is some kind of PTSD? Guess I'll … Continue reading Hindsight is 2020

Encounters with Racists

This cute and funny video that sparked this encounter and deserves some love is linked here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJqtBwTP/ (created by @danielson__) "I'm not being racist, it's just a joke" and other bullshit happens all day every day. But some days I encounter it, and even though I know that I won't change any minds, I decide … Continue reading Encounters with Racists

COVID-19 in the history books

I keep thinking about what kids generations from now (if humanity survives that long) are going to learn about 2020. Because, we have so many highly-specific-to-Covid-19 trends, music, videos, etc, that anyone who didn't know about covid-19 might be very confused about learning. But in school you learn the whitewashed version of the story, so … Continue reading COVID-19 in the history books

Bitter Black Friday Haul

So I have traditionally been what some might call a shop-a-holic. Shopping and finding good deals on items that make me and my loved ones happy brings me joy. Black Friday has been the epitome of that emotional experience. Every year I've had a tradition, especially as Black Friday has slipped towards Black Thursday, to … Continue reading Bitter Black Friday Haul

Dresses, Dressers and Dressing (Stuffing)

Dresses So, I've recently become rather  involved in my new sewing hobby (she said wearing self-made Dino-ween pajama pants WITH POCKETS). Dino-ween flannel fabric composed of four different kinds of dinosaurs in Halloween costumes, a cat in a dino costume, and the phrase "Happy Dino-ween!" And JoAnn's had a sale on sewing patterns. So patterns … Continue reading Dresses, Dressers and Dressing (Stuffing)