Hindsight is 2020

Hahaha trololol punny title. Yeah well I stole the pun and I’m already sick of it.

We made it to 2021! We did it!

But why do I have depression all of a sudden? Well…

2020 was a nightmare. A seemingly-never-ending nightmare. An unexpectedly-somehow-worse-than-previous-years-with-trump nightmare. And maybe this is some kind of PTSD? Guess I’ll talk to my therapist about it.

Anyway, we escaped a year that we all held to be a symbol of the terrible things that happened, especially the pandemic and the continued murder of black people. And while 2020 is over, and we have vaccines starting to be distributed, the world is still terrible. Or at least the U.S. is.

Case in point being the arguments on tiktok that I’ve been having with racists. People who say white privilege doesn’t exist and that I’m being racist against white people, and that my stating that white privilege and systemic racism exist is a lie. And that I’m the ignorent one………

And ignoring the facts, ignoring the experts, being deliberately blind to the state of the world.

Because, according to racist tiktok lady, white people can cook spicy… And actually black people have more opportunities than white people, so they are super equal…… And how could [racist tiktok lady] possibly dumb it down even more for me because obviously white privilege doesn’t exist… Hinting that actually black people are more privileged than white people…

No. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Starting out 2021 arguing with racists and being depressed isn’t the most positive beginning to a new year. But I’ll never stop fighting racism. Never.

Depression is a mighty beast. It’s almost 2pm. I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. But at least I am surrounded by the dinosaur plushies I got from Ikea 2 days ago (JÄTTELIK), and have the privilege of having the day off so that I am able to lay in bed depressed all day if I end up doing so.

A pile of dinosaur plushies that I got from ikea, which my depressed ass is 100% cuddling right now.

Obligatory link to dino plushies on the Ikea website. Highly recommend. So soft and cuddly.

Cat in the foreground, dino plushies in the background.

On the positive side, I just got my first paycheck with the new raise, and it is a little over $100 more than previously. I got to eat seafood and cream puffs last night to celebrate 2020 ending. Had a Jumanji marathon and shouted (well, more like depressedly sighed) “jumanji!” at midnight. And I’ll be okay.

Happy New Year! I hope you are all able to move forward into 2021 with an eye toward the better times that lie ahead.

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