COVID-19 in the history books

I keep thinking about what kids generations from now (if humanity survives that long) are going to learn about 2020. Because, we have so many highly-specific-to-Covid-19 trends, music, videos, etc, that anyone who didn’t know about covid-19 might be very confused about learning. But in school you learn the whitewashed version of the story, so unless that changes, people are going to have a very skewed perspective on what this year was like, and also find it to be incredibly boring. And if the kids get drilled on dates, the confusion of the name COVID-19 and the year 2020 will probably be frustrating to try to remember, having not lived through it.

And generations from now, the tech will be so much better than it is now, so how archaic will our smartphones look? How many kids will think of us in the way we think of pilgrims? (yes I also mean the racism). How many of them will be like “wait they couldn’t do (insert things we are all desperate for but can’t do from home, like hair cuts or something) from home? They hadn’t even invented (thing that makes the prior reference happen in every home) yet??” and what terrible class projects will they do? How many creepy nursery rhymes will be passed on about COVID-19?

Will there be a COVID-19 Disney princess? A nurse who finds true love in the pandemic? Will they have COVID-19 be the symbolic enemy? Or will there be another enemy? Like Trump? Or an army of Karens? Or foreign spies? Will the nurse be LGBTQIA+? Ideally an LGBTQIA+ BIPOC? Instead of a handsome prince, the love interest is trans and/or non-binary? And they fall in love having never seen each other’s faces in person because of masks? But how do they meet? Is the love interest another nurse, a doctor, a patient, and family member of a patient, ooooh or a food-delivery person??? They have no-contact delivery, but they always wave at the doorbell camera, eventually they start leaving notes for each other under the door mat… At some point one of them has a COVID scare or catches COVID to increase anxiety for the audience. And the end of the movie is them sitting side-by-side, getting the vaccine and dramatically unveiling their faces and embracing with music and sparkles and magic? Because I’d watch that.

What I’m saying is that the world sucks, and I feel bad for the kids who will have to drudge through learning about once it is no longer in recent memory.

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