Bitter Black Friday Haul

So I have traditionally been what some might call a shop-a-holic. Shopping and finding good deals on items that make me and my loved ones happy brings me joy. Black Friday has been the epitome of that emotional experience. Every year I’ve had a tradition, especially as Black Friday has slipped towards Black Thursday, to go out, usually with at least one friend, after Thanksgiving dinner, frequently in pajamas, to have fun, go to stores, pick up items, explore, and people-watch.

But, the COVID-19 pandemic has no fear of ruining and/or eliminating traditions, and as such, I haven’t left my house or seen my friends. NOT THAT I’M BITTER.

Instead, I am laying around at home, eating leftovers and pie, going on websites, scouring for deals unsuccessfully (Black Friday deals have also been getting worse every year), picking up a few things here and there.

I wanted a PS4 (none were on sale), the Ring Fit Adventure game for the Nintendo Switch (also not on sale), and a new laptop (none that I wanted within my price range), but I’m NOT AT ALL BITTER at my lack of success.

I’ve gotten some things, but there isn’t the same joy or satisfaction.

Anyway – behold my Black Friday Haul:

How are your holidays in pandemic land going so far? Did you find any exciting deals?

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