Dresses, Dressers and Dressing (Stuffing)


So, I’ve recently become rather  involved in my new sewing hobby (she said wearing self-made Dino-ween pajama pants WITH POCKETS).

Dino-ween flannel fabric composed of four different kinds of dinosaurs in Halloween costumes, a cat in a dino costume, and the phrase “Happy Dino-ween!”

And JoAnn’s had a sale on sewing patterns. So patterns that average $15-$20 were $2-$3, including halloween costume patterns. Thankfully I’m fat, and therefore my pattern choices were limited. But now I have a storage problem because my tiny sewing box is fully incapable of holding my bulging enthusiasm.

In the foreground: my sewing machine and comically overstuffed sewing box. In the background: an ironing board, iron, and bag which I think maybe has fabric in it along with other sewing supplies.


Now that my desk is finally finished, my old cheap garage sale falling apart desk can go out to pasture, and I can get better storage in its place – and since my current storage problem is sewing supplies, I was thinking I could get a dresser with a variety of drawer sizes, including a section where I can put my sewing machine. And I also want it to be at a similar height as my desk so I can use it as overflow desk space. I have searched high and low for something that fits the small space and meets all of the specs I need, and nothing is perfect at a price I can afford, so I’m settling for this little number:

Winsome Wood Halifax 20633: 5-Drawer storage cabinet in black (like my soul).

And at $166.56 ish, I’ll have to wait a couple paychecks to get it. Unless anyone wants to help me learn how to sell used socks and the like in the *niche* market…

Dressing (or what I usually call stuffing)

But, if you’re never actually using it to stuff anything (other than your own fat stomach), does stuffing make sense as a term? Dressing makes it sound more like an elegant event and less like I’m eating my feelings.

So Thanksgiving is in a few days.

Thanksgiving: a holiday in the United States of America in which we pretend we’re celebrating the fictional peaceful dinner between Native Americans and the pilgrims (aka white illegal colonizer immigrants), while ignoring the actual genocide, and wrongdoings of white people. We talk about how grateful we are, and eat entirely too much, frequently of boring white people food, including sad dry turkey. We drink too much and frequently get into fights about “politics”, or what I prefer to call “human rights”.

See also: Friendsgiving, a version with much less animosity during which everyone rants, but are all on the same team, and often have much better, less cliche food.

But, this year, as you may know, is 2020, and we are in the middle of A HORRIFYING AND DREADFUL HELLSCAPE, and also a pandemic. As such, giant family and/or friend dinners are off the table – literally.

Dinners are shrunk down to house-portions, and so we have to be more picky about or favorite main and side dishes, and desserts. For me and my partner and our roommate, stuffing/dressing is the one mainstay. They both want turkey. I want yams (turkey gives me headaches). And I’m trying to find the spoons to make mashed potatoes and spicy green beans. Oh and pumpkin pie for me. Definitely gotta get more Costco Wholesale pumpkin pie.

The first slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream out of two whole pumpkin pies that I’ve eaten over the last 5 days. See TikTok for my several videos of pie for pie reasons.

Anyway, stay safe out there. We’ll get through this somehow.

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