Trump is (finally) Fired 2020

So, real talk for a second. I didn’t think we’d succeed in beating Trump. There is so much hate in the U.S., so much voter suppression, and the pandemic. I genuinely thought we’d lose, and had resigned myself to the idea of suffering through another 4 years (if I could even live that long).

I protested, and voted, and demanded the people around me vote for Biden so we’d have a chance, but I didn’t think we’d succeed.

And then November 3rd came around, and I saw all of those states leaning right, and I thought to myself, okay girl, brace yourself, this isn’t gonna end well. Even though I knew that a huge chunk of Biden votes would be through mail-in ballots, I wasn’t holding out hope.

But, states started flipping. And Trump started to panic and get angry, but still I kept my hopes cautious.

And then this morning, I woke up to Associated Press having called the race for Biden. And, when I tell you all of the joy and relief that swept over me, I mean that I felt like I could fly, and cry, and dance – and I did a clumsy combination of the 3. I hit up TikTok to see everyone else celebrating, messaged my friends, and gained a plethora of spoons so I could be super productive today.

(If I’m honest, I went a little manic, but I caught it in time and got my self-care in, so we’re good)

And after some pizza and Oreos and Avatar the Last Airbender, I decided to check Trump’s twitter… And start trolling the angry folks calling the election a fraud.

And honestly, now I don’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t think I’d be laying here, relatively certain that things wouldn’t go horribly the next 4 years. I am not counting on his presidency to be able to accomplish much with a House and Senate against him (though we technically don’t know yet if those will go red or blue for the majority). I have very low standards. I’m hoping for Obama things to be restored, another stimulus check, student debt relief to become more realistic. I have a glimmer of a hope that we can fire Amy Coney Barrett, but I doubt it.

So, today we celebrate.

Next week we get right back to work: advocating, protesting, voting, and demanding the rights we deserve. We work to support our communities. We don’t stop just because Trump is gone. Almost 71 billion people still voted for Trump and for hate. Those people live around us, work, hold places of power, and continue to pass on their hatred. There’s still major institutional racism and sexism. There are still children in cages and a terrible immigration system. And don’t get me started on cops…

This is a step in the right direction. A small step. But being rid of Trump will make things better. And Joe and Kamala and Bernie and Elizabeth and AOC and Ilhan and Rashida and Ayanna and the rest will work together. And soon more liberal millenials will take the places of boomers, and things will keep getting better. But, we have to keep working hard to make sure it does.

For tonight, if you need me, I’ll be celebrating from my couch by watching Avatar the Last Airbender, eating Halloween candy, and making other frivolous choices.

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