I’m on TikTok now!

So on Monday, I got a TikTok. And, um, I have a new obsession.

“TikCode” to follow me @adultingwithwineandcats on TikTok

I posted my first video Monday morning (and even paid for some simple editing software) and had a whole 47 likes by Tuesday morning. Posted my second video Tuesday afternoon. Got some likes pretty quickly on that too. 3rd video Wednesday. 4th and 5th yesterday (Thursday).

All cats, of course. My specialty. I’m working my way up to wine. So far most of my followers appear to be kids, soooo…

The community of TikTok is just so joyful and positive and sassy and vibrant and hilarious and excellent. I can’t stay away.

(and sexy because I’m on Millenial tiktok, and I don’t see the kids/teens very often)

So, if you’re into the whole TikTok thing, follow me @adultingwithwineandcats, and drop some suggestions for what you’d like to see me post below. Or just tell me what you enjoy about Tiktok. Let’s revel in a positivity wave!

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