Trying to distract my cat from food

My precious babygirl, who we found in our garage one morning and eventually decided to keep, feels very food insecure.

On the left: my black cat, Zatanna, getting caught going straight for the food bowl. On the right, my fluffy grey cat, Gandalf, heading in the opposite direction because he has self-control.

Which, in practice, means that we constantly find barely-even partially-digested food in clumps around the house.

(It’s cat vomit. I’m talking about cat vomit.)

Our two boys don’t have this problem, but we got them from a foster home, and I think they were born into the foster setting (and therefore into food security).

As opposed to our precious babygirl, who was born a stray. We found her when she was maybe a few months old, but it was apparently already too late.

So she eats too fast and vomits and goes back to eat again, wash, rinse, repeat.

I should mention here that we have an automatic feeder set on a schedule. They never get food too late. It is very predictable. They are never left wondering when food will happen. It feeds them 4 times a day in reasonably small amounts, and yet she still manages to binge and purge while the boys are super patient and wait for her to leave.

So we’ve tried keeping an eye on her and getting her to eat more slowly, separating her while the boys get a chance to eat, distracting her with affection and play and nifty cat forts. But still, she stealth-vomits.

I’m considering getting a new feeder that will spread out the feeding times more. My partner is suggesting getting rid of the feeder altogether. But I really like not being begged for food all the time since the feeder is what they depend on.

I dunno. I’m exhausted of the stealth vomit, and I doubt vomiting all the time is harmless to her health. But she isn’t our only cat, so I can’t make all the food a pain to eat.

What do you guys think? Have you had similar issues? Comment here or hit me up on Twitter.

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