Artsy Community College Classes

To get these questions out of the way:

Pandora, why are you taking community college classes at near 30 after already having a graduate degree?

I take community college classes for 2 reasons. Reason 1 is that I am putting off paying my student loans by being in school for half-time (or more). Reason 2 is that I genuinely like school because I’m a fucking nerd. Cool, now that you’ve got a basic understanding of the why, we are moving on.

Okay but Pandora, are you a little past community college level stuff?

Why thanks for reminding me, theoretical person asking questions, yes, I am surrounded by baby adults. I got my AA 7 years ago, my ba 5 years ago, and my MA 2-3ish years ago. But the thing is, universities are expensive. I’m already about $80,000.00 (USD) in student loan debt. (Honestly hoping Bernie and the homies get us some realistic student loan forgiveness.) But since I already have all the undergrad degrees I realistically need, I can finally take all the side classes I couldn’t justify taking when I was on a degree track.

Fun classes like human sexuality, ASL (American Sign Language), literature classes, gender classes, ethnicity/race studies classes, and so on. My only limitation is that I need online classes, because I have shit to do. Unfortunately, there are quite a few classes which aren’t offered online that I can’t take.


A whole new world (if you didn’t sing the phrase, go back and read it correctly) of classes has opened up to me.

This semester, Fall 2020, I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted. Normally I take classes during which I end up angry at the world for terrible things that have happened and still happen. I like to be informed so I can help bad things to stop happening.

But I can’t do it this semester. I’m dead. I don’t have the spoons. In pandemic land, I just can’t even.

So, per the title, I am taking artsy classes instead. Specifically, I have an intro to drawing class (gonna make you guys some sick art) and an intro to sewing class (I have only ever hand sewn and have no idea how to operate a sewing machine).

This is going to be something I’ve never experienced.

I am somewhat not great at art. Music I can do, drawing far less so. But, I’ve always wanted to learn a bit, enough to maybe find my animation style and make a comic and D&D character portraits.

First assignment: 2 doodles. On the left: a page full of stacked curvy lines that are relatively horizontal. On the right: a page full of shapes filled with patterns (I went in a vaguely sun-shaped direction)

I like cosplaying and sewing costumes, which is a pain in the ass if you are doing it all by hand. I’ve also never had access to a sewing machine and therefore had no real way to learn because I couldn’t justify buying a sewing machine I’d never use. But this sewing machine is a school supply, which makes it a tax write-off. Woo!

What I’m saying is that I’m excited to learn new things. What I’m also saying is that you all will suffer through my journey.

2nd assignment: a series of blind contours of my hand and holding things. This one was particularly fun because I was holding a plastic skull which was wearing a tiara, and just, behold this wonky glory that I made without looking at the paper.

Would you guys like to see a comic by me? Like maybe a relevant sketch at the end of my blogs? Animated Pandora, probably all chibi and shit?

Well, let me know on here or on Twitter! At a bare minimum you’re going to get still life of wine accoutrements, and a not-so-still life of cats.

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