Clothes are Stifling

Let me start by saying that I am extremely grateful to still have a job that allows me to work from home most of the time. And while I did receive a pay cut because of the pandemic, I still have enough money to get by. Most people are not in a position to say the things I did, and I’d like to encourage anyone with the ability to do so to support the people around you, and help everyone stay safe.

One of my cats modeling one of my work dresses in a veritable chaotic array of other dresses

Now, onto the actual article.

Working from home means not having to wear real, adult, workplace-appropriate clothing.

So, when you need to go into the office for a full shift, there is a vast difference in your degree of flesh-hiding garments.


Tank top. Panties. Sometimes a dress or skirt.


Bra. Shirt. Pants (usually skirts). (Oftentimes dresses instead). Panties. Sometimes a light cardigan because the office is freezing.

Why is the difference so stifling, you might ask?

In order to properly hide my flesh parts, I must wear things like bras and shirts with high necklines. To translate: my tits are being pushed into my throat, and are very tightly locked into place without much room for movement because I’ve also gained weight and the shirt is now tight. Oh, and having extra neck fat makes breathing more difficult, but even moreso when bewbs are compacting everything in a throatwards direction.

I’m grateful for my life as it is, and all of the privileges I have. But bras as an expected garment for women are a remnant of the patriarchy that I’d like to violently stamp out. Sometimes I want to wear a bra. Sometimes I don’t. But the fact that I also want to keep the job that I’m still on probation for means that I will.

How do you folks feel about bras? Comment below.

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