Out with the Old, In with the New

Some things, as they age, get better – like a fine wine, my personality, or a good relationship.

Most things, I’d argue, get worse as they age – like systems of government, refrigerators, or things that need refrigeration as they rot without it because your refrigerator died suddenly in the middle of a pandemic. Such as cheese. And leftovers.

Speaking of systems of government, er, I mean refrigerators: mine died recently. It had one job, and it failed miserably at it. So, what is a woman to do?

Renter’s insurance couldn’t help. Landlords told me to fend for myself per my contract. And everyone knows that buying a cheap appliance will cost more in the end. Just like how compromises with social programs always end badly. But, in the end, the rich don’t have to care, and the poor need to overthrow- I mean buy a new refrigerator.

I’ve never had my own refrigerator before. I’ve always had to deal with whatever I was given, whatever already existed. Sometimes it was nice, often it was falling apart. And outdated governments need to be updated based on current needs. Oops, I meant refrigerators. Refrigerators need to be updated to suit the needs of the people.

Now, you might be thinking, “Pandora, we’re in a pandemic. Don’t you think it is unreasonable to be picky right now? Can’t you be happy with what you’ve got?”

Well, frankly, no. I’m not happy. I see the government for the dying refrigerator that it is. It is failing me, and other people in need, and it needs to be replaced.

So, I bought a new refrigerator, on a payment plan. The refrigerator that suited my every fancy. And I am going to keep protesting and voting until I get the government updated to suit my every fancy, or at least to take care of ALL people.

Black lives matter. Trans lives matter. LGBTQIA+ people deserve equality. Give native peoples back their land. Welcome immigrants in. Stop caging children. Create universal healthcare that works. Tax churches and the rich for their fair share. House the homeless. My country is rotting because the government is hateful, racist, sexist, and bigoted. It is far overdue for it to be replaced.

This is Pandora, signing off.

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