I’m doing great in the pandemic, really. I’M FINE. I SWEAR.

You all saw my struggle with finding a job. I finally got a new (shitty) job which took over my life, and I simply didn’t have enough spoons to keep writing. That new job was absolutely horrid, didn’t pay nearly enough, and had a very high turnover rate for exactly those reasons.

But, I kept applying for State jobs, and I finally got one! I started in December. The pay is awesome. My coworkers are awesome. The benefits are awesome. My boss is awesome. I started paying down my debt. I have a retirement plan. My union is awesome. It is unbelievably excellent.

2020 was gonna be my year to get my life back together.

Um. And then… *Gestures at everything*… o.O

What the actual fuck? A pandemic? Who called that shit? And being stuck in the U.S. with a science-denying toddler for a president, my mental health has seen better days. I’m sure you feel the same way. And that’s not even mentioning the racism and anti-maskers that are running rampant… (Except that I just mentioned them. But how could I not??)

On the plus side, I now have a wonderful collection of masks. Cute, fun, nerdy masks. Because that is the only plus side of 2020. Mask fashion.

Anyway, this has been an informal update. I’m gonna try to get back into the swing of things.

Pandora out.

P.S.: Stay safe. Wear masks when you’re out, and stay home if possible. Be kind. Help others if you can. And most importantly, especially for other folks in the U.S., VOTE! We cannot sustain this nation under Trump’s rule. People are dying. Kids are in cages. Racists are being enabled. People are DYING!! Biden isn’t my favorite, but he is still better than Trump, especially with people like Bernie advising him.

One of our neighborhood cats, chillin in the garage

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