Post 18: Post-Holiday Hangovers – Both Literal and Emotional

Aka Post-Holiday drop.


Okay, not candlestick making.

But, point being, the holidays are hard – especially for people who who have mental health problems. Like me, I am bipolar, with stress-induced anxiety. And, while there are many things to love about the holiday season, there are also many things that are quite stressful:

  • Seeing family is difficult, especially when many members of your family are very conservative Christian republicans.
  • Seeing family is difficult when key members aren’t there anymore. Missing. Empty. Sad.
  • Seeing family is difficult when you have to travel long distances at the same time that lots and lots of other people are traveling.
  • Spending money on gifts is difficult when money is tight (which, as a millenial, money is always tight.) But, because gifting is my love language, it is even more difficult to find the perfect gifts while also trying to having enough money to pay the bills.
  • It is cold, and rainy, and cold. And also cold. Did I mention cold? My knees hurt in the cold. I mean, more than usual. My hair hates the rain. So, I spend more money on the bills to heat the house – which is worth it to minimize my pain. But, I can’t heat the entire outside. And I don’t have a car that you can start with the push of a button from a distance so it will begin heating up without me. Someday…
  • The sky is always white or grey, or white & grey. The cool thing about that is that it triggers my migraines. I have special rose-colored glasses from Theraspecs (so they also have my prescription). But, even those only go so far. Migraines aside, it also triggers my depressive bouts. Every day. All winter.
  • People drive poorly. Poorly is an understatement. The roads are dangerous, slippery, and filled with people who don’t seem to realize how dangerous their driving is. No blinkers. Speeding. Merging through several lanes of traffic. Tailgating. Oof. Not great.
  • Oh, and also finals. Right before a very busy holiday, I have to endure the stress of finding out if I pass my class/es after stressing out about how I did on my final after stressing out about studying for finals.

So, after all that? Ded.

Just so exhausted from everything. And everything is a wreck. And you need to clean. And you don’t want to. And you aren’t feeling your best because you ate too much dessert and too many fatty things, and you drank a lot of wine, and a lot of caffeine, but not a lot of water.

And it isn’t even over yet because New Year’s Eve is coming.

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