Post 16: Update Blog: Finals, New Job, Flea Mayhem, and a Nintendo Switch

I’ve been absent for a bit.

You see, I do most of my Blogging and Tweeting while at work when I have nothing better to do. As a tutor in charge of a tutoring center, I don’t get very many people to tutor, so I spend my time doing homework, goofing off on the internet, and taking care of this blog.

Except recently, I have had more pressing things to do. I’ve had extra school stuff because of finals. I got a job offer (YAY), and I have been filling out lots of paperwork for the new job. I’ve been doing tons of research on how to get rid of fleas after finding 32 on one of my cats, and a couple on the other cats (which the dog brought inside). And, I have been desperately trying to find some miraculous way to get a Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Console. So, every day, time flies by while I have been doing all of these stressful tasks. But, now that they are (mostly) done, I figure I can give you an update.


Blah blah blah homework, blah blah blah boredom. I took a boring U.S. policy class to learn things that might be useful in helping me get a State job. It bored me to literal tears. I settled for a B by doing the final and the discussion board, so that I wouldn’t have to do any more homework or the giant stressful project. I was also too depressive to do anything else.

New Job!

I quit my job as a high school math teacher and decided to change my entire career path in March of 2017. It is December of 2018. I finally received a job offer for a non-education-related full-time job as a secretary (but with a cooler actual job title, and more actual duties than a secretary) for a company that helps the less fortunate with mental health issues. It is only a secretary job, pay and prestige wise. The pay is only $16.19 per hour – which happens to be exactly what I am making per hour right now. But, while it isn’t much, it IS a huge step in the right direction, and IT WILL pay the bills (because it is full-time, something which I don’t have right now) and help pay down the debt that I have been accumulating while working part-time since March 2017.

It is also the MOST effort I have ever had to put in AFTER receiving a job offer:

  • Livescan fingerprinting for a background check (standard)
  • TB test (standard)
  • References (usually these are asked for before the job offer, but w/e)
  • Driver’s license, registration, insurance, and DMV history report (I’m not even driving in any official capacity…)
  • Other forms of identification showing that I am legally allowed to work in the U.S. (I really don’t get why people are so angry about “illegal” immigrants “stealing” jobs, because I have yet to encounter any real job – i.e. not my private tutoring – that hasn’t checked my citizenship/immigration status.)
  • A physical (which is apparently becoming more common as companies try to avoid falsified worker’s comp claims, but was new to me!!)
  • A consumer background check which required me to input every school I have ever attended, which is 7, by the way, not including middle or elementary (aka primary) school, and only including the high school I got my degree from. AND, it required every address I have lived at in the past 7 years, which is 5 different addresses that I had to look up in old files in my computer because I didn’t remember them all (Um ok, but why tho?)
  • A bunch of consent forms for the above pains in my ass (because sure, why not)

So I get through ALL OF THAT. FINALLY. Play the waiting game for the DOJ to finish processing my background check, while each day becoming more restless, hoping that I don’t have an evil twin or clone (well, a twin or clone that commits crimes AND gets caught for them, still unclear on if I am actually the evil-est version of me) running around ruining the public view of my good (okay-ish, possibly chaotic evil, more likely chaotic neutral, definitely chaotic) name. Meanwhile, my boss wants to know my last day, and my friends and family and career counselors want to know my first day, and I WANT TO KNOW TOO, but like without bothering the HR person too much.

SO, I finally get back my obviously clean background check.

The next step is standard stuff, i9, w-2, etc., also with a bunch of consent forms, and the website malfunctioning, AND the HR person I was working with quitting, I guess?, so I had to re-email a bunch of stuff to another person. Aiya… Exhausting.

So, my first day at the new job is the day after Christmas, and my last day at my current job is this Friday, December 21st. I’m going to miss the people and the laziness at my current job, but I need the money desperately. I’d have rather jumped straight into a State job, but oh well. C’est la vie. This will help me get a state job anyway.

Flea Mayhem

My roommate’s dog is the only pet that goes outside. She catches fleas like noone’s business. We were regularly checking the cats, and they had been fine because they don’t spend time with the dog, and the dog stays in my roommate’s bedroom for the most part. She finally finds the money to take her dog to the vet to get an actual prescription, and I get her special doggie vitamins for an early X-mas present, because of her dog’s allergic reactions and increasing bald spots from scratching, and we think that it is over.

Or, rather, thought. We thought it was over. Her coat is growing back in, shiny and new, and she isn’t endlessly scratching anymore. Surely it was over.


So, as I am giving my cat scritches, as you do, I noticed something in his fur, so I pinched it between my nails, pulled it out, and behold, a fucking flea. This cat is the clumsy cat. He was the runt. He is very bad at cleaning himself. And, he has recently been laying in the dog’s living room pillow. I take the flea comb to him for at least an hour, and find 32 fleas on him.

I checked the other cats, they are clear. My roommate checked the dog, and she is clear.

So, I start doing some flea med research, because dogs and cats don’t have the same flea medication, and I wanted to make sure that I would get something effective with good reviews that wouldn’t harm the dog. I found some pills, threw them in my cart on Amazon, and continued to do research.

That night, I found fleas on the other cats. Fuck. It is an epidemic.

So, I go back to the research, buy a ton of things: Capstar flea pills, flea shampoo, Fleabusters powder, and a flea spray (nothing with peppermint oil in it, however, because apparently peppermint oil is very bad for cats). My roommate reimburses me for part of it. Most of my linens (towels, rugs, sheets, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.) are in the garage now. I cleaned a ton of stuff off the floor in every room. I’m spraying the things I can’t put in the washer. I have yet to get down the Fleabusters powder, because I have to isolate the pets while I do it, and I am still exhausted and depressive, and it requires scrubbing into the floor, and my sciatica and knees aren’t fond of that idea. I did give the cats their pills, forcibly. And, I hope this all works. HOPE.

And I bought a half-sized outdoor push-broom at the 99¢ store yesterday (for $7.99), which I can use for scrubbing the powder into the carpet. So, I ought to find the motivation soon.

Nintendo Switch

I have ALWAYS wanted a special edition console. I didn’t have the money to pre-order the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Console for $359. So, I foolishly assumed that it would come back in stock and go on sale for Black Friday. It didn’t. So, I figured that the boyfriend and I would use our combined Christmas money (as was the plan anyway) to buy it from a Target, using my 5% off reward from my Target Card, the day after Christmas – which is an infamous day for returns. I was determined to wait by the Guest Service Desk ALL DAY if I had to. And, in the meantime, I was relentlessly refreshing their webpage to see if it would come back in stock.

Then, I found out that my first day at my new job would be the day after Christmas. You know. The day I was gonna loiter at Target. But, even despite this new development, I was still stubbornly determined to go to Target straight from work, but with much less conviction than before.

So, as I am finishing up finals and homework on Sunday, 2 days ago, I found an email from Target: Buy a Nintendo Switch, get a free $25 gift card. That was the nail (the e-nail?? It’s ok. You don’t have to laugh. I’m enjoying it enough for all of us.) in the coffin of giving up on my special console dreams once again, but in favor of a good deal with guaranteed availability.

We bought it that night, along with a Breath of the Wild brown leather-y case, some Sheikah slate themed vinyl stickers, a second set of controllers in red/blue, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee!, and apparently a free set of Smash Bros. Vinyl stickers (which went well on the secondary set of controllers). They were all either better than or equal to the deals on Amazon. I priced matched the carrying case, so it was ultimately better than the Amazon deal with my 5% off. Excellent deals. About $517 in total. With $400 in Christmas gift money so far, and a promise from my mom to pay for whatever remains (as my Christmas present). Winning!

So, I suppose I will find a special edition console some day, but for now, I made it special with stickers and deals I can brag about.

So, I’m back. Still chaotic, but life is looking up. Thanks for reading, friends!

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