Post 4: Before and After Geek Became Chic: How it Feels to Know Bullying and Acceptance

Being the weird kid in elementary school was a whole level of fucked up.

I didn’t have many friends. I was bullied by the popular girls.

Why? Why was I bullied and ostracized? What horrible crime of humanity could an elementary school girl commit?

I was smart. Unapologetically smart. I was myself, and I didn’t care what other people thought – until bullying happened, then I cared A LOT.

So, fast forward 20 or so years, Hot Topic is huge: selling all sorts of wonderful geeky things. Marvel is a enterprise – so big that Disney owns it. “Sexy librarian” and “nerdy girl” are sexualized images. People wear glasses, with non-functional clear lenses, as a fashion choice. Tabletop and role-playing games are cool. Video games are everywhere. Comics are cool. The word is filled with fandoms. Comic cons are widely popular. Pokemon Go is played by people who know little to nothing out the card game or the video games. Geek things are mainstream.

Life is good. I am currently wearing, to work, a dress (WHICH HAS POCKETS) emblazoned with the Incredibles symbol on it. (And rainbow socks, but that is less relevant to this post). I purchased this dress from Hot Topic, a store that I can find in 3 shopping malls, and one outlet, near me. It was a very reasonable price, because it is meant to be sold to the general public, rather then a highly specific niche.

How did this come to be? Why did geek become chic? Why have a large amount of people, many of them the bullies of the past, come to participate in geek culture?

The smart people got rich. People like me grew up, made money, and used their celebrity-esque status to make geek culture cool.

I’m still working on the making money thing, but some people are actually good at the adulting!

As a classic example, Vin Diesel, the cool, badass action star, plays D&D. Please enjoy the video below; it is made of pure joy:

Or don’t. Your loss.

Alternatively, watch this, arguably even MORE AWESOME, video of Terry Crews playing D&D based on World of Warcraft:

Or, don’t. But, at that point you are at least triple losing out. Sucks for you, I guess.

Geeky rich people are not the only reason why geek things became popular, but when your favorite celebrity likes a game, you are going to be far more likely the check it out.

In the meantime, my cats are named after geek icons, and I can drink Game of Thrones wine, while adulting at work wearing an Incredibles dress.

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