Introduction to Adulting with Wine and Cats

Hello World!

My pseudonym / nom de plume / pen name, is Pandora Cray: Pandora because I am a strong independent woman whose life is chaos (which is almost entirely my own fault), and Cray because my life is crazy and so am I. But, no, seriously, many of my misadventures are due to the fact that I am bipolar – and went unmedicated until I was 23ish. My real name is … Oh, you thought I was gonna tell you that? Mwahaha! Nope!

My blog should be named “The Misadventures of Adulting with Wine, Cookie Dough, and Cats.” But, that seemed a bit too long, and I once read that it is important to have a unique and easy-to-Google blog name. If I could art, then I would art at all of you with glorious comics about my life, but I can’t art, so I shan’t art. Well, if I gain the confidence at some point, I might art, and I apologize in advance.

I decided to make this blog because a dear friend of mine suggested I try an unconventional way of making money – beginning with using my hilariously flawed life to write a blog.

So, without further ado, I present to you my blog about my life: Adulting with Wine and Cats.
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Fine print: This blog is *loosely* based on my life. I make what some might consider to be too many puns. I am an intersectional feminist, which means that I will be frequently denouncing the patriarchy, racism, and general bigotry, and supporting ALL girls and women, cis and trans, of every race and ethnicity – along with the rights of boys and men (and all genders) to do things considered feminine without stigma. I am bisexual, which (for me) means that I am attracted to a variety of genders based around the binary, and if you don’t like that, then I apologize for your life being sad and boring. Any illegal activities herein are fictional. There is some adult content – and by adult content, I mean I will use swears, talk about alcohol, and discuss in vaguery some of the oddities of dating as an adult – usually nothing more than R-rated.

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